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Millennium Physicians is here to meet your needs at this difficult time in your life. We know that you and your family may be faced with making important decisions regarding treatment choices. Our physicians and faculty will be there for you every step of the way.

Millennium Oncology consists of 12 Medical Oncologists that provide the necessary treatment to improve the quality of life for patients. Our physicians will use the latest, most aggressive medications available to eliminate cancer cells. The oncology team will care for every patient uniquely to determine the best possible treatment.

Millennium Oncology offers the following therapies:

  • Cytotoxic Chemotherapy divides and kills cancer cells. This process causes the normal side effects that can occur with chemotherapy.
  • Molecularly Targeted Therapy delivers targeted chemotherapy to tumor cells at an effective level with the potential to increase tumor kill and reduce toxicity.
  • Targeted Therapy are designed to attach a specific target and block proliferation of tumor cells.
  • Hormone Therapy treats cancer cell growth that responds to a specific hormone and blocks their receptors.
  • Clinical Trials are used to answer medical questions. These research studies are to help physicians advance in the understanding of cancer and to cure more and more patients.


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